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Get The Inside Scoop on How to Create Client-Attracting Content & Conquer Writer's Block So You Stand Out as THE HUMAN TO HIRE in Your Niche

Introducing: Club Storyville...

Club Storyville is an exclusive, online community & treasure chest for savvy business leaders who want to create more captivating, client-attracting, profit-generating emails, social posts, videos, landing pages, and other content -- without getting stuck or working their tails off.

Club Storyville is brought to you by content marketing pioneer and storytelling standout Tom Ruwitch.

⬇ Meet Tom ⬇

Hi, I'm Tom. Way back in 2001, I founded an email marketing software company. This was before most people had heard of email marketing -- much less tried it.

I ran our pioneering software company -- and an associated marketing agency -- for 19 years before selling it in 2019. Over the years, I've helped hundreds of business leaders attract leads, nurture prospects, and land clients.

And I've learned lots of marketing secrets and fundamental truths, including this one...

...If you dish out boring, "blah-blah-blah" content, prospects will tune out and move on, and you'll feel stuck.

Fancy funnels and marketing machines won't save you.

You'll attract leads, nurture prospects, and land clients only if you create informative, entertaining content -- in your own voice, not a robot's.

That's why I created Story Power Marketing in 2019 -- to help business leaders transform their content from boring (prospect-repelling) to brilliant (client-attracting).

And that's why I've launched Club Storyville... share with you my Story Powered secrets and resources.

As a member, you get:

  • A Peek Behind the Curtain to Discover the Stories Behind My Stories
    Every month, I'll share one of my daily(ish) emails and break it down in a video and Google doc. I'll reveal the strategies and tactics I applied to assemble the email. Each "Story-Behind-the-Story" is a mini-masterclass in story-powered content creation.

  • Exclusive Live Training and Q&A Sessions
    Every month, Tom will host a live marketing training, followed by Q&A -- exclusively for Club members. All trainings will be recorded and saved in the Club's vault. Upcoming topics include: How to Attract Leads Without Paid Advertising, How to Use AI to Produce Better Content with Less Effort, How to Measure Success (So You Know Whether Your Marketing is Working).

  • Tom's Masterclass Archives

    Tom frequently hosts free master classes that he delivers live. He rarely shares recordings -- until now. Club members will have unlimited access to all future masterclass recordings -- even if Tom doesn't offer the recording to class registrants. Two recordings are already in the vault: "How to Put Personality In Your Content So You Stand Out, Attract Raving Fans, and Land More/Better Clients" and "How to Create Prospect-Attracting Lead Magnets AND Business-Generating Follow-Ups -- Without Working Your Tail Off"

  • Free Admission to the Storytelling Hall-of-Fame
    To achieve marketing mastery, you must study the masters. That's why I created the Storytelling Hall-of-Fame. I share the greatest of the great ads, break them down, and draw from them marketing lessons which you can apply to your business. New inductees every month.

  • An Online Community Where, Together, We Transform Content

    Pick Tom's brain. Interact with like-minded people. Build valuable business connections. Club Storyville's online community is like a great Facebook group. Best of all, you don't have to be on Facebook to participate.

  • A Free Copy of the Story Power Profit Pack
    52 Strategies, Tips, and Tactics (a.k.a. Pointers) to Transform Your Content from Ignored to Adored. I ordinarily sell the Profit Pack for $103. You get it for free.

  • My Soon-to-be-Published Book
    Coming in 2024, my new book where I share all I know about creating captivating, story-powered content. As a club-member, you'll get a free .pdf copy.

  • One-Click Access to EVERY Free (.pdf) Resource I Offer
    I've created several great resources that I share with my email list, podcast listeners, and other audiences. Before Club Storyville, you would have to click on separate sign-up pages and fill out forms for each. Now, you can find them all in the Club's resource library. Current resources include: "7 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Persuasive" and "9 Secrets to Create Client-Attracting Content."

  • Discounts (10% or More)

    Save on ALL Story Power products, events, and services and on products and services from Implementum, Story Power's marketing automation division.

Words That Make Tom Blush

(Which Also May Help You Decide if He and Club Storyville Are Right For You)

"Tom is a storytelling savant"

He is also teaching me (and many others) the most effective ways we can email more frequently with a clear objective. I encourage you to opt in to his online family here.

~ Brian Kurtz
Titans Marketing
Author of Overdeliver

"Tap into Tom's superpower"

If you want to move your business forward, Tom is the person to go to. Tap into his superpower to accelerate your business.

~ Lesley Nase
Business Consultant, Spiritual Advisor
& Communication Specialist

"Tom practices what he preaches"

If you want to get your story out in a clear and concise manner, Tom Ruwitch is the guy you need to talk with.

~ Vance Morris
Customer Experience Strategist
Author of Systematic Magic

"A knight in shining armor"

Once upon a time… I hated writing my newsletter, blog posts, podcast shows, and any

kind of marketing copy. I did all kinds of things to put it off. Along came a knight in shining armor, Tom Ruwitch. Through his expert tutelage, week by week, I have become a much better and happier marketing writer. Tom is a joy to work with.

~ Lynn Whitbeck
"The Queen of Sales"

"You need to talk with Tom"

From the way he creates emails, to the marketing strategies he provides to his clients, Tom is top-notch at what he does. When you really want to understand the true mechanics of the power of storytelling… you need to talk with Tom Ruwitch.

~ Michael DeLon
President, Paperback Expert

"Clear and easy to understand"

In just a few short weeks, Tom has helped me change how I look at copywriting. Not just for the ads he has recently been assisting me with but also for how I speak about what I do in conversation -- two things that I have been struggling with. His advice and training are clear and easy to understand, making implementing what I learn in my business easier.

~ Lynn Donato, CMP™, CLTC®
Founder, Senior Resource Planning

"Best in the business and... a super-nice guy"

When it comes to storytelling, content creation, and marketing strategy, Tom Ruwitch is one of the best in the business! Not only does he really know his stuff, but he practices what he preaches. And, to top it off, he's a super-nice guy and an absolute pleasure to work with.

~ Todd Cherches
CEO, Leadership & Executive Coach at BigBlueGumball

"Consistently... move the needle"

Tom has helped me turn my love of story into emails, posts, and articles that consistently and predictably move the needle in drawing in the exact kind of client I most desire to serve.

~ Dixie Gillaspie
Coach, Consultant, Firestarter
Author of Just Blow it Up and The Truth About WInter

"He never fails to deliver"

Tom is one of the savviest marketers and entrepreneurs I've met. He never fails to deliver genuinely insightful, actionable business/marketing ideas that benefit all who listen. If you have a chance to work with him and/or hear him speak, take it!

~ Adam Kreitman
The Marketing Advocate
Author of The Daily(ish) Advocate (emails)

"You're my favorite!"

You are a storytelling genius, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your mother.

~ Ann Ruwitch
Mom of Tom

Speaking of Mom...

She taught me the importance of keeping promises

I've made some big promises above -- you'll transform you content from boring to brilliant ~ you'll stand out as the human to choose in your niche ~ you'll conquer writer's block...

..and I intend to keep those promises.
So, in honor of Mom, I offer...

The Mom-Inspired Money Back Guarantee

Within your first two months of membership, if you are not 100% satisfied with Club Storyville, ask me for a refund, and I will return every penny you've paid for your time in the Club.